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Selected papers by (or about) Dr. Rust

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"Summative Evaluation of Dragon Tales"   New York . Sesame Workshop (Originally posted on PBS's website) March, 2001.

This is the final report of a controlled field experiment, funded by the US Department of Education, to determine whether viewing of the Dragon Tales TV series resulted in any changes in young children's tendency to set goals for themselves, to persist at tasks they got involved in, or collaborate with other children in achieving objectives.  It used several of the core FieldKit(r) components, including those for measuring audience attention from audience-reaction videos, doing time-sampled codings of free-play behavior by live observers, and keypunching from paper-pencil survey forms

To download any of the following papers, click on the hyperlink if one is provided. Otherwise please contact the publisher or reach Dr. Rust directly by email:

Rust, L.W.  "Making Sense of Sensing Markets." Journal of Marketing and Management" (2014) - Upcoming Special Issue - Accepted for Publication.

Brown, Abram "New Peanuts Movie Could Be 63-Year-Old Charlie Brown's Fountain of Youth." Forbes Magazine, (November 18, 2013)

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Rust, L.W. Attributes of The Electric Company that Influence Children's Attention to the Television Screen. New York: Children's Television Workshop, 1972 (a). (Please contact Sesame Workshop directly)

Rust, L.W. Attributes of Sesame Street that Influence Preschoolers' Attention to the Television Screen. New York: Children's Television Workshop, 1972 (b). (Please contact Sesame Workshop directly)