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Pricing (as of January 1, 2014)

  • 1/10 of a penny (0.1 cents) per record-datafield
    • A record-datafield is a single field for a single record (answer, code or log-entry)
  • 1/100 of a penny (0.01 cents) per stored character
    • So a 10-word (50 character)  answer to an openeend question would have a fee of 0.1 cents for the field plus 0.5 cents (50 times .01) for the text within it.
  • No fee for empty fields
  • No fee for Record Number and Record Name fields
  • No fee for the Cell ID field in a multi-cell (Experimental design)  study
  • $0.80 (80 cents) per purchase transaction
    • Normally, only one purchase is required per project:  after data collection and before analysis begins. 
    • In some projects, like those conducted in stages or those that have separate data-collection and coding operations, you may elect to gate different portions of your data at different times.

As soon as you specify the data you want to use, you get a quote from our service,  pay the fee, and your data get converted to a form that allows analysis or export.

You decide which fields and which records to purchase tickets for:

  • Before purchasing a ticket, data fields can still be stored, reviewed and edited, one case at a time. They are referred to as "RAW" - for "Read-And-Write" - data.
  • Ticketed (purchased) data fields can be aggregated analyzed or exported without limit. They are referred as "PAID" for "Paid-for And Indexer Data"
  • PAID data fields keep their status permanently. They only lose it if the stored value is changed.

Sample Fees  

  • Student interview project
    • 20 records, each with 20 fields and 200 characters                   $    1.60
  • Diagnostic WebSite User Session
    • 20 records, each with 30 fields, 10,000 log-entry characters $  20.80
  • Exploratory study with 3 questions content-coded
    • 100 records each with 200 fields and 500 characters               $ 25.80
  • Eyes-On-Eyes Test of a video - with 3 content-coded questions
    • 150 records each with 300 fields  and 600 characters              $ 54.80
  • Custom corporate survey
    • 1,000 records each with 100 fields  and 400 characters          $141.80

The cost per record in these projects ranges from 8 cents to $1.04


About GaterWare(r)

  • FieldKit(r) is distributed as GaterWare(r) using the DataGater(r)  data control system from DataGater, LLC.

        Portions covered by US Patent 7,272,582, DataGater, LLC.

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