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A new payment model for developers and customers

GaterWare, the DataGater(®usage metering and payment system,  offers software developers a way to reach the many customers that until now have been unavailable – shut out by price, uncertain-value or data-security concerns.

Pricing is affordable    It offers customers a way to install software for free and to pay for its use on a once-per-project basis at a price that is proportional to the size of the dataset to be analyzed. 

Risk is reduced.  There is no risk of paying for software that doesn’t get used. Payment is made after data collection is over and before analysis can begin.  A quick transaction over the internet is all that is required to get a quote, make a payment and transform the data to an analyzable state.

Data are private. Software and data stay on the clients own computers at all times.  An entire project can be done unplugged from the internet, except for the minute or so to make the payment.


DataGater® powers the Researchers FieldKit®, which is the first application to be distributed as GaterWare®  It powers two other apps for observational research, which are currently undergoing pilot testing:  OptimEyes  and ClicKit DataCentral. One collects webcam data over the web, the other is a programmable tally meter using mobile devices.

There will be more.   The DataGater, LLC website ( will keep a listing of new GaterWare® applications as they become publicly available.


DataGater, LLC is actively seeking developers to build or adapt their software to the DataGater billing and control system.  To find out more about adapting software to the system or for contact information,  check out DataGater's website (

 U.S.Patent No. 7,272,582, DataGater, LCC.