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Installation Instructions

  • Uninstall any older version. If your computer has an earlier version of FieldKit, it should be uninstalled before putting in the new one
    • Go to the Windows Control Panel. Click on Programs
    • Wait for the list of installed programs to load. Locate FieldKit and click on it
  • Download the setup program to your computer
    • Tell Windows to allow it, if it asks you.
    • Copy it to as many computers as you wish (there are no seat limits or registration requirements)
  • Run the setup program by clicking on its icon
    • Tell Windows to allow the installation, if it asks you.  
    • Tell it to install any other components it asks about.

FieldKit v 0.91.0002   
This version supports design, data-collection and analysis operations.

For Windows Vista, 7, 8

Download FieldKitSetup

For Windows XP

Download XP Setup

(XP users: You might or might not get a notice during setup about some issue with system file mfc43.dll. If you do, just ignore it and continue with the setup.  But give serious thought to getting Windows 7 or higher - it  will make you happy)