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for researchers

FieldKit delivers ...

It is Easy ...

  • Smooth installation
    • No upfront purchase to be made. Just get it from a friend or download it from our site.
    • No licensing keys, no registration bureaus.
    • No seat limits. No copy restrictions.

Copy all you want

  • Built-in help
    • The software was originally created to make it easy for temporary workers to learn and use.
    • Rich documentation, help menus, instruction frames, roll-over tips and 1-2-3 step-by-step layout so that newcomers can design new projects simply by following the numbers.
  • Template-based
    • All designs and functions in a project are configured by customizable templates, so no programming is required.
    • Templates are Free-Ware. They can be created,  downloaded from the web, shared, tested and edited without charge.
  • Intelligent defaults
    • All design choices have best-practice default values, to steer the designer in the best directions for a typical study.
    • Default values adapt to other design decisions at the moment they are made - unless they have been explicitly overridden.
    • Irrelevant and illogical options are disabled or hidden from view, to reduce the chance of error.
  • Shortcuts
    • Short-cut keystrokes are provided to speed up navigation and coding operations.
  • Mistake-proofing
    • A History menu and undo/redo controls allow you to back-step through earlier design steps and erase mistakes or change your mind.

It is Flexible ...

  • Rich option menus
    • Options are provided at all stages for Designers, Fieldworkers and Analysts to adapt the work to their needs.
  • Interface design
    • Click-and-drag to place controls on the interface screen and to configure them.
    • A rich selection of question types, graphics and functions is available.
  • Fielding modes
    • Electronic or Paper-Pencil  forms (the latter with a pre-formatted keypunch screen to speed data entry).
    • Synchronized cameras.
    • Self- or fieldworker administered.
    • Remote- or central-locations.
  • Log-in options   
    • Decide if and how fieldworkers and respondents sign in.
    • If and how passwords are to be used.
  • Multiple data-entry devices
    • Data can be collected on one or many computers.
    • Smooth synchronization functions make it easy to bring remote data files into a central store. .
  • Customized coding protocols
    • Forms are provided for creating, saving, importing and using coding templates.
    • Create content analysis codes for analyzing open-ended answers and narratives.
    • Create behavior-analysis codes for analyzing behavior on-site or from camera-captured videos.

It is Powerful ...

  • Interactive forms
    • Conditional skips, jumps, fill-ins, must-answers, terminates.
    • Sophisticated rotations, text-piping and answer-validation.
  • Appearance
    • Extensive control over designs, colors, fonts, logos, graphics.
    • Create forms with unique palettes and branding.

Three different looks

  • Data and Report Exporting
    • Export data and report tables to Access, Excel and ASCII.
    • Export charts to Excel.
    • Cut-and-paste text and tables to word processors.
    • Get the full power of 3rd party analysis, reporting and graphing tools.

Graphic: Export to Excel, Access, Text

  • Stimulus presentations
    • Pre-recorded stimuli play while same computer records reactions - by camera (B) or keyboard (D)
    • Two stimuli played simultaneously  for Distractor Testing (A)
    • Study reactions to live events or off-line stimuli, too, with a second, synchronized camera to record the stimulus (C).

Four possible setups

  • Video recording
    • Web-cams hooked to computer to record behaviors (A,B,C).
    • Up to 2 cameras at a time (C).
    • For live events, one camera records event while the other records reactions (C).
  • No "Lite" versions
    • All FieldKits are full-powered.
    • Any and all upgrades are free.
  • Community power
    • Sharing is easy, helpful and encouraged.
    • Templates and programs are free.
    • Build on prior learning.
    • Information- and template-swapping websites are under development.

It is Fair ...

  • GaterWare((r) billing means ...
    • You only pay for what you use.
    • You pay a once-per-project fee -- after data entry; before analysis
    • Price based on the size and type of data you choose to analyze

GaterWare(r) Logo

  • GaterWare(r)  is enabled by the DataGater(r) billing and control system.  
    U.S.Patent No. 7,272,582, DataGater, LCC.

(Click here for more about fees)

It is Secure ...

  • Minimize exposure to the internet
    • Software, templates and data stay only on your system.
    • Design, data collection and analysis are off-line.
    • Internet only required to make a payment
             which typically takes less than half a minute.

  • Safe synching
    • Remote installation procedures safeguard against duplicate case. numbers
    • Synching prioritizes most-recent data.

Graphic of synched computers

  • User-proofing
    • In-Field modules prevent record-deletion or template edits by field workers or respondents
    • Stimulus-playing modules lock out the keyboard to prevent tampering.
  • Auto-backups
    • Data can be mirrored to another location.
    • Removable-media can ensure against hardware catastrophe.