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for researchers

The Base Product

The Researcher's FieldKit

  A general-purpose platform
  • Create any kind of project the FieldKit is capable of
  • Do interviews, media studies, behavior observations, usability, etc
  • Use any combination of their elements
  • All tools for composing, recording, synchronizing, coding, charting and analyzing are provided.

Specific applications

All the following design options are achieved through drop-down menus.  Even  if you start with a template for one type of study,  you can reconfigure it to perform like any other.

Audience Research FieldKit

  To study media, communicationsAudience FieldKit
  • TV, web videos, ads, concerts, lessons
  • Pre-recorded or live stimuli
  • Use distractors, if desired
  • Record spontaneous behaviors with a camera for later coding,
  • Or have people record their judgments by mouse or keyboard during the show.
  • FieldKit platform manages all stimulus playing, audience recording, behavior coding and analysis, minimizing workload and keeping everything synchronized..

eForm FieldKit

  For data-formsSurvey FieldKit, interviews, questionnaires,
  • Administer interactive electronic forms
    for self-administered or moderator-administered interviews.
  • Or create paper-pencil forms -- using a computer version for keypunch
  • Do content analysis on open-end answers

Recorded Interview FieldKit

  For one-on-ones, discussions and focus interviews

  • Compose topic guide for use in field
  • Use FieldKit to record and log the interviews
  • Transcribe the sessions - coding by topic and speaker
  • Do quantitative content analysis on the verbatims

Ethnographic-Observation FieldKit

Observation FieldKit  To study spontaneous behaviors
  • Social, educational, consumer, ethnographic research
  • Quantitative or qualitative analyses
  • Automated time-sampling capability
  • Counters, timers, and a full range of closed- and
    open--end controls are available

Accountability FieldKit

Accountability FieldKit  For performance evaluation and review
  • Evaluations, observation checklists, surveys
  • Import, edit standard templates
  • Use pre-formatted report forms