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for researchers

A DIY Research Platform

For computer assisted interviews, focus groups, interactive surveys,  audience-reaction studies, keypunching paper-pencil forms, attention measurement, distractor testing, website analysis and many kinds of in-field observational research.

Assortment of FieldKit gear and layouts

A flexible platform on which to ...

  • Design and run interactive forms.
  • Play audio or video stimuli - or record live stimulus events
  • Simultaneously record reactions on webcams
  • Synchronize data from multiple cameras.
  • Code behavior - from live observation or videos.
  • Manage focus-interview recording, transcription and analysis
  • Do sophisticated content analysis of open-ended text
  • Manage the development of Grounded Theory

     ... in minimum time for minimal cost.

A do-it-yourself app

For beginning or advanced researchers to conduct custom research studies.

  • from start to finish,

   ... with maximum efficiency

  • in terms of researcher time,  field time, respondent burden and staff training.
  • And with no re-programming.

High-productivity software

Originally created by a professional consumer research company for in-house use to manage the projects being done on commission for top-tier clients who demanded cutting-edge research, tailored to their needs - and who were always in a rush!