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The Future

We are embarked on a mission to bring SkillShaper to as many skill-learning challenges as we can.

The software apps developed for flycasting already work for shooting pool: we have strapped a smart watch to a pool cue and find that it is a great help in building the muscle memory for smoother, straighter stokes.

Golf will be next.



Then tennis.





And baseball.


And maybe lacrosse, or cricket, or javelin or discus or shotput.

Definitely Archery - a sport Dr. Rust knows quite well, and other shooting sports.

Sports like archery will call for pressure sensors in addition to  accelerometers: to feel the pressure of the fingers of a shooting tab through the pull, hold and slow release of a bow string. Once these sensors are integrated, many other sports and skills will be tamed.

Like Cycling - think of the pressures on the pedals.

And weight training. Doing it right is critical. And hard.



And crew - coordinating the force of legs, trunk arms
        and with everyone else in the shell.


And rehab. We are extremely eager to explore the contributions SkillShaper might make in medical rehabilitation, for people seeking to regain one kind of kinesic functionality or another.


There are many skills in which our current team has no expertise. For these we are looking for individuals and companies to create new products and services - on their own or in collaboration with us.

It is a whole new world that is opening up! And we are on our way!     



Future skills




Pool player taking a shot

  Golfer Silhouette

    Tennis player

      Baseball hitter


  Archer shooting arrow high




      Silhouette cyclist


Crew racing



  teen girl lifting weights - stock photo