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Privacy Policy Statement

December 19, 2019

For SkillShaper Mobile Apps

Production versions of SkillShaper Flycasting mobile apps do not collect or distribute personally identifiable information about any users of the apps.

Research and development versions (“R&D versions”) of the apps may ask users to send casting-session data to us so that we can continue to improve the design and distribution of the apps.

Users of R&D versions may be invited to participate in surveys (questionnaires or interviews) about their use of the apps and suggestions for their improvement. Participation will be strictly voluntary and can be terminated at any point by the user. Survey participation will be restricted to individuals 13 years old or older.

Raw data on app usage and survey responses from our Research and Development programs will be stored only in our corporate files and analyzed only by our corporate staff for the purposes of improving the design and marketing of the product line and advancing the science of audio-biofeedback.  Analyses will be stripped of all personally identifiable information.


“SkillShaper Flycasting Mobile Apps” designates “SkillShaper Flycasting Watch App”, “SkillShaper Flycasting Phone App”, "SkillShaper Flycasting",
"SkillShaper Flycast"
"SkillShaper Flycast CurveCast",
"SkillShaper Flycast RollCast",
"SkillShaper Flycast Pro"
from Langbourne Rust Research, Inc.  

Version ID’s (aka “versionNames”) of SkillShaper Mobile apps are displayed by tapping on the “SkillShaper” title on the watch app’s main screen or tapping the "Help" button on the phone app's main screen.

Production versions of the apps have Version ID’s with the format: “V <major>.<minor>.<point>” with no additional suffix: e.g., “V 2.1.0”.

R&D Versions have Version ID’s with one of these suffixes: "Exp" or “Dev”
e.g., “V 1.6.1 Dev”, “V.3.2.1 Expl16”




Policy changes


Any changes in this policy statement will be posted on this webpage.